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5 turned out to be one of our favorites right now. They offer for the first 30 days when you register a new account, a 0% deposit commission so that was great. I focused on that month investing through it to benefit from the offer so I actually worked with the exchange exclusively for at least 1 month and invested over 1000$ through it (you never know the truth until you actually get involved). I focused on their native coin, CRO, and benefited from the staking offers they have. Below I wrote a few words regarding some aspects of the exchange.

  • Crypto debit cards
  • Cashback and discounts using the card
  • Lots of earning offers with good rates
  • Crypto Loan offers
  • Agresive Marketing
  • NOT a Credit Card
  • Abrupt Changes to Terms
  • Complicated Referral Program
  • Trade Spread

Business score: 5/5

Branding has a very strong branding and an aggressive marketing strategy that puts them in front of millions of people and crypto enthusiasts. They focus a lot on educating and integrating life-to-life elements in the crypto world, right now focusing on the Sports industry and partnerships with powerful brands like Aston Martin and Formula One.

Team CEO is Kris Marszalek, from the looks of his social profiles it looks like he haves lots of experience in the administrative and leading section of digital and technological companies so that gives them a stable foot in the industry and through the connections the founding team haves gives them a high advantage. They also have around 3000 employees so that is another point for them.

Road Map

They intend to grow, and big time. We heard they even booked a commercial spot at the Super Bowl in 2022 that cost around 5,5$ – 6,5$ million dollars. Their goal is to reach 1 billion users that will use their app. Including the VVS Finance project that they launched, they have a great potential to grow, and the technical plans to expand and give users even more great features will bring them to a fight for first place on the market at one point.

Technical score: 5/5


They provide multiple products and services such as the NFT Marketplace, Wallet, Exchange, and App. The user interface is easy to use and haves great branding. The products navigation is intuitive and the sign-up process is easy to complete.

This is a company that has been born purposely for the blockchain market and it provides excellent products such as App, Exchange, and Wallet. It is not a company that has converted to catch the trend but a team of experienced people working together with powerful back funding helps them be in touch and grow with the industry and technology.


The products are one of the most secure in our point, technologically speaking. They are based in Singapore but it is a popular place for crypto-related businesses to place their headquarters, especially the big ones. As long as you keep your 12-24 secret words phrase safe, you will be alright. The company is currently trusted by over 10 million users and has an estimated 3,000 employees with experienced security and crypto advisors in their team.

*The review contains referral links and is based on our internal guide that you can read here: Internal Review Guide*

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