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Project Name: 5ire Protocol

Project Current Stage: Early Stage

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Short Summary: 5ire is a fifth-generation blockchain ecosystem, built from the ground up with the United Nation’s sustainable development goals in mind.

What is 5ireChain?

5ire is a blockchain-based distributed high-performance computing network that enables SDG-related assessment, development, administration, and investment. 5ire’s objective is to expedite the implementation of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and align itself to provide a platform for leapfrogging from the present 4th to a 5th Industrial Revolution.

It has a tier 1 high-performance distributed computing platform with extensive runtime functions geared toward consensus sustainability. 5ireChain is the world’s first completely sustainability-driven platform, incentivizing businesses to become more sustainable and creative simply by improving the environment. The 5ireChain’s actions correspond to the industrial revolution’s ideology, resulting in a net positive influence on the world.

Pratik Gauri, Vilma Mattila, and Prateek Dwivedi co-founded 5ire. Pratik, who has been working in the social impact sector for over ten years, came up with the idea for the for-benefit economy. He is also continually pushing the UN’s sustainability goals and hopes to use a 5th generation blockchain to make a difference in the lives of 1 billion people. Prateek, the other co-founder, has more than a decade of online marketing expertise.

How does 5ire Differentiate?

  • User-Centered Design

5ire aspires to develop a user-driven environment. It also employs a reward distribution method and runtime logic to aid in the blockchain network’s long-term viability. This not only helps to build a long-term network in the real world, but it also encourages engagement by providing reasonable rewards.

  • Upgradability without forks

5irechain is unusual in that it can improve its logic without having to worry about the difficulty of hard forking. It also uses a governance framework to make sure that all network members have the same say in how these changes are made.

  • Interoperability

If blockchains aren’t interoperable, they won’t be able to last very long. Cross-platform is the way of the future, so 5ire is making it possible for different kinds of bridges, like smart contracts and substrates, to remove barriers to entry and give people from all over the world access.

  • Democracy and Governance

Projects that are led by the community will eventually flourish. This is because no single body will have the capacity or authority to make substantial modifications to the network. 5irechain also uses a model of governance that lets everyone participate in the network democratically and make changes.

The 5ire token

The native token’s ticker symbol and name is $5ire. The 5irechain network debuted with a market worth of $1.75 million and a total supply of 1.5 billion coins. To manage the pace of inflation, the tier one smart chain features a token-burning mechanism. This token’s usefulness does not end there. It may be used to stake validators and nominators as well as incentivize them. It will also be utilized to store information. The 5ire tokens will be used as incentives for nodes to store data. Tokens are also used in cutting protocols, which are used to deter assaults or antagonistic conduct.

Investors are guaranteed of their inclusion in the environment by being compensated for each active engagement they provide to the ecosystem, whereas Proof of 5ire guarantees to reward validators nodes based on their sustainability best practices, 5ire desperate to show a dissertation “You can be abundant when doing more.”

Notable Features and Roadmap

5ireChain Toolset: Offers a variety of services to developers in the form of code and APIs. Developers will use it to have full control over their apps by using an open-source toolkit that has all the features needed to build apps on top of 5ireChain.

5ire Explorer: A high-precision explorer that scans the 5ire network fast. It gives a user-friendly interactive experience in staking, governance, and other modules, in addition to searching for blocks, extrinsic, events, and accounts.

5ire Wallet: A Blockchain wallet that makes sending, receiving, and storing 5ire tokens and the underlying ecosystem of cryptocurrencies simple and safe.

5ire Exchange: A Blockchain Exchange that will allow token and digital asset trading in a secure and regulated environment. Partner 5ixlab’s technology was used to make the platform, which was made to change the way companies work with their investors by using blockchain technology.

Smart Cities: The development of smart cities is the next trend in urbanization. And blockchain technology has the potential to speed its development. With its future-proof economic and technical concepts, 5ire aspires to make a difference. Interoperability and cross-chain communication will benefit from 5irechain’s cross-platform compatibility.

Naming Service: Given the rise of MITM attacks, DNS tunneling, and hi-jacking, centralized name systems are doomed. This is where 5ire may differentiate itself for its users. Name services that are powered by 5irechain give the DNS hierarchy better performance, security, and, most importantly, decentralized governance.


5ire’s roadmap is broken into seven sections. The initial focus is on forming a suitable team and executing the Testnet-based apps. 5ire will roll out smart contracts and decentralized identification solutions in the third stage. The community can also begin mining and serve as validators and nominators.

The next stages would be to generate enhancement ideas and an open standardization proposal for the 5ire network once the smart contracts are online. At this stage, 5ire plans to index 5 of the UN’s 15 Sustainable Development Goals. All UN objectives should be indexed at the conclusion of the six stages. By then, the platform will also be cross-chain compatible. We’re now towards the end of the process, with protocol changes and the goal of enterprise adoption.


5ire is the first blockchain to implement the for-benefit model. It is also thought to give long-term stability and transparency to an industry worth more than $2 trillion. In an underdeveloped industry, blockchain technology has the potential to make a difference. And, as a fifth-generation blockchain, 5ire will have a new human aspect as well as other notions like verifiability. However, we must see it in order to believe it. And the 5ire platform is set to include a slew of new features and services. As a result, it is preferable to keep track of the project’s progress and watch how it evolves as it progresses through each stage of the roadmap.

5ire recently partnered with Huawei Cloud and Morpheus Lab to build end-to-end infrastructure and boost the company’s long-term growth. Aside from that, 5ire’s marketing team is working to bring in more important VCs to help the company move forward in the crypto ecosystem.

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