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Short Summary: Aurox is a free all-in-one crypto trading terminal powered by the Aurox Token. The terminal has proprietary indicators, alerts, and customizable workspaces that help new and experienced traders make better and more confident trading decisions.

What is Aurox Terminal?

Aurox is a trading platform that allows traders to increase their profits. Aurox provides a superior platform for portfolio management, which leads to speedier transactions and higher-octane outcomes for cryptocurrency investors thanks to its multi-exchange integrated workspaces. Aurox is a programmable terminal with its own indications and tools. They are the only market cap websites that use genuine data. There is no such thing as phony data. They make use of DeFi loans to conduct transactions in extremely liquid marketplaces.

Aurox also provides us with widgets, workspace management, alarms, and custom indicators. Aurox’s sophisticated indicators may accurately anticipate price movement up to 80% of the time. A signal scanner based on Aurox indications can assist you in making profitable trades while excluding phony data, volumes, and exchanges. Combining DeFi with a tried-and-true Aurox terminal used by tens of thousands of people.

How does Aurox Differentiate?

Trading terminals often outperform browser-based trading. To begin with, trading terminals are more user-friendly than web-based trading. Desktop apps provide independence, structure, and speed that are hard to come by on a browser. Furthermore, traders have complete control over their workstations and are able to operate without interruption.

  • Trading that is more efficient

Aurox makes it simple to trade across several exchanges from a single platform with a comprehensive set of tools. Traders just need to enter API keys to trade on the top nine exchanges. Aurox wants to establish more exchanges in the near future.

  • Security

The API keys are encrypted and saved in memory once a trader enters them. Unlike earlier exchanges, the API keys are never sent in plain text to Aurox servers. This provides merchants with peace of mind as they trade. Symantec EV has certified the Aurox software as safe, acceptable, and signed.

  • Personalize your work Environment

Aurox frees traders from the constraints of browser windows and tabs. Traders may simply establish and modify their workstations with Aurox.

  • Accuracy and quickness

It’s all about timing, and even a one-second delay might be the difference between a lucrative and a losing deal. Aurox guarantees that the exchange has a direct and safe connection.

  • Order Types That Are More Advanced

Those who have only traded on the exchanges’ websites are missing out. Through their API, the majority of exchanges enable additional order types. Bitmex, for example, has an API that allows a number of complex trading strategies. Aurox has made sure that its platform can handle these kinds of unique orders, so merchants can stay ahead of the competition.

The Aurox token

The Aurox Platform’s native token is the URUS token. The URUS coin has a total quantity of one million tokens. As a result of the limited quantity and its importance in the Aurox ecosystem, there was a significant price increase between last year and early 2022, just before the bear market began. It can also reach higher values when all of Aurox’s future breakthroughs are up and running.

The URUS token is an ERC-20 utility token that can be used for staking in smart contracts and will be utilized for liquidity mining on Uniswap. Additionally, URUS token holders will receive a fee reduction on the Aurox platform, as well as staking reward incentives, a yield increase for lenders, and yield bonus awards. The URUS token can now be purchased and sold on the Uniswap exchange as well as a number of other cryptocurrency exchanges. Furthermore, the URUS token is exclusively available in Ethereum-based pairings.

Notable Features

Scripting Engine

Aurox Scripting Engine handles both Pine Script and JavaScript indicators, so traders with bespoke indicators developed in those languages may rest easy. They may enter their indicators and watch them appear on the chart, just like they do on  Traders may use Aurox’s scripting engine to create automated orders with any exchange based on any indication, custom, or preset.

Indicators with advanced functionality

Join the Aurox trading terminal to access the advanced indicators for free while you still can. Because all of these fantastic trading tools will only be available for a limited period.

Complex Indicators

This indicator will display green and red arrows on the trading chart to suggest the ideal time to enter a certain buying or selling order, as chosen by each user. Even a bitcoin newbie may execute successful trades with this highly appreciated indicator with an accuracy of over 80%.

The TD Sequential indicator

Aurox’s sophisticated tool indication will show numbers on the chart when the pump and dump positions lose power. Users may acquire a superior approach to finding the entry and exit points from a given transaction by using the Aurox indicator in conjunction with it.

Aurox already has over 100,000 registered members and offers over 46,000 trade pairs and data from around 60 decentralized and controlled exchanges.

  • Curated content to help you learn to trade and invest faster.
  • Built-in proprietary indicators with long and short triggers.
  • Investors can use indicator scanners and screeners to assist them to locate the finest entry.
  • Order routing for CEX and DEX on both desktop and mobile.
  • Workspaces and tabs in the app can be customized.
  • Alerts on more than 100 built-in indicators.


One of the most innovative parts of decentralized finance is the lending protocol, which lets users borrow money right away with just a few clicks. Unfortunately, lending, like DeFi trading, has a number of roadblocks. So, in the coming months, the URUS token on the Aurox platform will try to combine centralization and decentralization so that marketplaces have the same amount of liquidity.

With their planned decentralized lending platform, Aurox Lend, they want to offer margin to traders who prefer to use leverage to carry out orders.Lenders will also benefit from the platform’s on-chain nature, which will give traders with some of the most competitive interest rates available.

In the next year, the platform wants to “increase the number of users, introduce Aurox Lend/Trade, build their own DEX aggregator engine, offer courses and one-on-one mentoring to users, and form partnerships.”


Decentralized finance (DeFi) trading systems were created to make traders’ lives simpler by allowing them to manage their portfolios and monitor various exchanges from a single terminal. As a result, having a single hub can streamline the trading process and enable investors to move swiftly on emerging trends. Some platforms may go even farther in removing these obstacles by offering consumers professional assistance to help them make better trading decisions.

Aurox aspires to be an all-in-one bitcoin trading platform like Bloomberg Terminal. Giorgi Khazaradze, Ziga Naglic, and Taras Andreyevich, three long-time business colleagues, got together to solve the cryptoverse’s present information and data fragmentation.

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