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Project Name: Hi Dollar

Project Current stage: Launched January 2021

Short Summary: The HI dollar is a token made available on the Ethereum network. The concept was developed by entrepreneurs, executives, and technicians. The most exciting element is that you may earn HI Doller with only your smartphone, avoiding the need for costly mining gear. Send a text message from your favorite messaging app to win Hi dollar.

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What is Hi dollar?

Hi Dollars (HI) is the cryptocurrency that will enable unbanked and underbanked individuals all over the world to buy, hold, and trade fiat and cryptocurrencies using just a phone. Everyone who uses and accumulates tokens while engaging in ecosystem activities is essentially an “owner” of the ecosystem. Holding hi Dollars unlocks your hi membership, granting you free access to several lifestyle benefits and services.

The HI team has higher plans than just lunching a coin. They will create their own protocol (hiP), which will allow them to scale up HI Doller even further and set it apart from other blockchains with its zero-transaction cost token model, allowing it to become the dominant smart contract platform for decentralized apps.

Hi offers typical banking services, including fee-free currency exchange and an interest-bearing account, as well as lifestyle benefits and free digital subscriptions to popular services like Apple Music, Netflix, The New York Times, and others.  Because of your membership tier, you are entitled to more bonuses, fee-free transfers, and higher returns on your savings.

The platform’s native utility token, HI, is an essential component of each step, facilitating quick and secure transactions. The platform’s primary goal is to raise HI’s long-term value for its investors. The Hi token contract has been audited and certified by Certik Audits.

Hi is working on a hybrid application that will give users advanced decentralized financial (DeFi) experiences. DeHi Super App is basically a multichain, non-custodial wallet that lets members use a single crypto wallet to purchase, trade, store, and swap any crypto assets supported by the supported protocols. To deliver seamless services to its customers, the platform intends to build alliances with leading decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Users have the option of saving their NFTs in the same program. The company will also introduce Hi Protocol (hiP), a scalable, EVM-compatible layer2 sidechain on Ethereum.

Hi is made up of specialists from well-known,, Tencent, and Alibaba are examples of crypto and tech enterprises, as well as financial institutions heavyweights like JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, and GLG. He has recently received funding from Longling Capital, Hashed, and HashKey.

The amount of hi Dollars created will be determined by the size of the membership base, the number of new members, and the prizes won on a daily basis. Hi, Dollars will be coined every day and given to as large a worldwide population as feasible during our “Launch Incentives & Distribution” phase, which will last four years. Every 24 hours, new dollars are coined and handed to members as a prize or purchase.


Hi Dollar is a financial services platform based on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain that allows users to send, save, earn, and exchange any cryptocurrency supported. Hi Dollar is a cryptocurrency that aspires to standardize blockchain technology and give the community authority over its resources.

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