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Project Name: WebDollar

Project Current Stage: Launched in 2018

Project Official Links: Website / Telegram

Short Summary: WebDollar bills itself as a cryptocurrency that is completely web-based, written in JavaScript, and based on the principles of simplicity, lightness, and portability.

What is Web Dollar?

WebDollar aspires to become the internet’s native cryptocurrency, assisting the entire industry in expanding and improving portability, lightness, and simplicity. Although Bitcoin (BTC) is still the most popular cryptocurrency, it has yet to establish itself as the internet’s native currency.

The most surprising aspect of this project is that it did not begin with an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), as do the majority of tokens currently available on the market. Inventor Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu and several other developers are working on a project that has not yet received funds from private investors via an ICO.

Webdollar is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency built on its blockchain, own wallet, and enhanced technology that allows its users to engage in direct transactions with higher levels of privacy and security. It has faster speeds than most crypto and tokens and is cheaper than credit and debit card transactions. Probably, the cost of transactions is the cheapest in the crypto space. Webdollar includes features such as Proof of Stake 100 % and accelerated halving every two years. This event cuts in half WebDollar inflation and the rate at which new WEBD enter the circulation making Webdollar deflationary. Webdollar is now trading at,,,, listing. Feel free to go to one of these premier exchanges to get Webdollar now and become an early adopter today! Webdollar was born on April 26, 2018, when they were roughly only around 4 billion that most are still on Hold WEBD pre-mined and open to the public to mine Webd Coins available in 6000 WEBD freely blocks every 40 seconds, Free to set their prices and sell on OTC that made it possible to be successfully launched worldwide without an ICO. This is very similar to how Bitcoin (BTC) was launched as an FCO (Free Coin Offering), giving power to the people to make the best of it…Yet Webdollar is simpler, faster, friendlier, and is still trading at a fraction of the price of Bitcoin. Being a Free Coin Offering Webdollar and its Global Community has accomplished a lot as a community-driven coin without an ICO. Webdollar has its smart integrated wallet that is accessed automatically once you are on the site. Webdollar will be enhanced Privacy Coin with PandoraPay technology when Webdollar Founders will finalize it. The Webdollar original TestNet launched was done with the community helpt same with Proof of Stake TestNet that happened three times in the past with migrating to Pos66 % on January 30, 2019, August 26, 2020 pos 90 and July 22 Pos 100% eliminating Pow ( proof of work ) forever. That was the moment the worldwide community was waiting for.

What Is WebDollar and How Does It Work?

WebDollar currently uses a consensus algorithm 100 percent Proof-of-Stake (PoS). The cryptocurrency was 100 percent PoW when launched (on April 26, 2018) and transitioned to 100% PoS.

Users can quickly and easily begin mining the digital currency by using any browser on any supported device. A computer can easily begin mining WEBD, and the user will be rewarded quickly. WEBD is also supported by one of the most advanced NIPoPoW consensus algorithms available.

Users can start using WebDollar right away without downloading, installing, or registering anything. Furthermore, wallets are created directly in the browser, allowing even non-techies to get started with cryptocurrencies. At the same time, the network supported offline transactions and was built to be resistant to ASICs and GPUs.

This Coin is not dependent on any other platform. Webdollar is its blockchain ecosystem. Official Mining: Pools on Webdollar, run by the community, was building the global mining—staking community has been accomplished by expanding our mining pools to multiple continents with several nodes and servers in various countries. Webdollar was many times among CMC’s biggest Gainers and even rose to 0.72 cents on June 14, 2021, getting World Wide attention that Webdollar is ready to be a major player in the crypto world. WebDollar, at the moment, has more than 50k members, over 700 WEBD millionaires, around 500.000 addresses, and a lot of worldwide users that made good profits with Webdollar. Many accomplishments for a crypto project launched with No Funds, No ICO, No pre-sales, and No back stage deals. Coming Soon in 2022: Webdollar 2.0 major upgrade and PandoraPay exchange thanks to Alexandru Budisteanu and our main developers 👍

Advantages of Web Dollar:

  • Simplicity – providing an intuitive and non-technical user experience, addressing IT-savvy crypto enthusiasts and everyday people.
  • WebDollar introduces a trustless light blockchain node for mining and transaction verification that does not require downloading the entire blockchain history from Genesis, but only the most difficult proofs and blocks that distinguish attackers from honest nodes who maintain the correct blockchain.
  • Ease of Internet integration – Web developers face a difficult challenge when integrating electronic crypto payments because Web Applications must currently communicate with an internet protocol that is not native to the browser or the HTTP layer. Most web and mobile apps validate transactions by communicating with a third-party Web Server (REST) that acts as a full node and sends blockchain results via JSON RPC or WebSockets, exposing the apps to new security risks.

What’s in store for Web dollar?

Webdollar 2.0 is adopting the newest PandoraPay blockchain library into the WebDollar technology:

1. Delegated Staking

2. Cold Staking – by delegating to a full node

3. HD wallet

4. Wallet Mnemonics + Better encrypted wallets

5. Multi assets where the fee must be paid in WEBD for every transaction

6. Ecosystem can be built around WebDollar

7. Removing the issue with users staking in multiple pools and don’t need to be blocked by the codes

8. Web Wallet fixed and improved by working reliably

9. Making the full node work at least 10x faster

10. Process > 100 txs per block

11. RAM issue solved by using constant RAM usage

12. Better terminal GUI

13. New full node API and stable endpoints. API supports REST, RPC, and WebSockets

14. Websocket subscriptions and notifications from full nodes

15. Mobile apps support via WebAssembly + WebView

16. Desktop version support via WebAssembly + Electron.js

17. payment reduces confirmations by a factor of 2 to future exchange integration

18. Text messages in transactions

19. Maintained Testnet + Devnet

20. Compatible and easy integration of the scalable Layer1 solution proposed in the thesis.

21. The tipbot can be updated to allow delegated staking of users’ telegram accounts to increase security.

22. Reducing the old blockchain by pruning it.

15 and 16 will be enabled once we get the builds in the repository

Next steps:

1. Testnet that will have: a. Same address format b. Snapshot airdrop c. Delegating, Unstaking, Update Delegate and transfer d. Multi assets

2. Webd2.0 MainNet

Web dollar benefits:

Once you arrive at Webdollar.Io, everything is at your fingertips.No complicated Interfaces, No unnecessary Anxieties. You Don’t even have to sign up! Webdollar is the only Coin designed with beginners and non-tech people in mind. That will help anyone that discovers Webdollar through social media or friends to onboard successfully by providing entry-level and any investor the tools to onboard with confidence. Save precious time with education in the complex space of crypto, making many hesitant to invest because it takes time and effort to learn. You have complete ownership of your Coins. You are your own bank Webdollar makes trading easy anywhere in the world because it’s a decentralized currency with smart integrated wallets. There are no limitations or restrictions to using peer-to-peer Webdollar Network. Fast, private, secure, and cheap transfers between wallets Webdollar blockchain is very scalable. Crypto has serious scalability issues. Durable. Webdollar has 3.9 years since has been launched.

Getting Maturity and proven concept for investing confidently Low-Cost Staking and maintenance by the user’s Great passive income for life, with no penalty to withdraw your Coins anytime Webdollar is a POS 100% that makes it Green Blockchain and protected by the furry of Climate Change organizations and warriors and never be banned like possible Pow of Work mineable Coins. That gives investors protection and peace of mind Webdollar is a deflationary Coin helping investors to beat inflation because it has a Hard Cap. Only 4 billion WEBD will be mined in the next 100 years. That will take three generations—built-in Scarcity with every two years halvings. Webdollar is a good alternative to Btc Store of Value Webdollar is User Friendly. Cryptocurrencies are not user-friendly and are the biggest disadvantage for going mainstream without media and influencers speculation Webdollar it’s a Low Cap Coin. One of the key strategies for smart investors is to find gems with the potential to grow 50X-100X gains. Here we have-the one-You invest in an innovative project. That’s how investors make real money in crypto and safe medium to long-term investment—strong Team and world-known developers—great community support to help you solve any problem you may have.

Other Benefits include:

More benefits after WEBD 2.0 + Utility-Webdollar to be used as a payment for every transfer that goes on the WEBD 2.0 Chain by any assets created on the chain resulting in a big potential increase in demand for Web dollar. With the new API, there will be official documentation of integrating webdollar easily as a payment system. The new WEBD wallets will support the new assets created on the 2.0 chain and have the same interface and experience. Webdollar is preparing to bring more real-life use cases and as many functions and uses as possible.

Buy-Trade Webdollar-WEBD You will be able to create Your Assets on Webdollar 2.0 Blockchain. You can even migrate your token on the webdollar blockchain if you are not happy with security, transactions speed, etc. To create an asset, you will need to install the full node as it allows the creation of new assets (tokens). There is a special command in CLI commands to create an asset and a special command to create a supply for your newly created asset. After the code gets hardened, we might add a user interface option for users to create new assets. We will only have (for a start) native assets faster and more efficient than smart contracts (ERC20, TRC20, etc.)


The WebDollar Team is working to provide a simple user interface for dealing with cryptocurrencies. There are no installations or downloads required, and there are no complicated configurations to deal with. Wallets are generated and handled automatically to make things easier for users, and they can be saved locally on any machine with storage.

The goal in the future is to develop and add transaction mixers to increase the anonymity of its users. Individuals who want to protect their privacy and data when transacting on the internet will find these mixers very useful. Some cryptocurrencies have already implemented these features, but none of them can match WebDollar’s speed and ease of use.

Simultaneously, the Team wishes to implement smart contracts. This would allow the entire network to function as a blockchain platform for executing and processing transactions and as a platform for executing and processing more complex tasks and instructions.


WebDollar was created as a cryptocurrency to become the internet’s native asset. Although the Team recognizes that this is a difficult task, they are working to create a simple network to use and provide users with innovative solutions.

WEBD aims to provide simplicity, lightness, and portability to users who are currently using the internet worldwide with a NiPoPoW and its ASIC-resistant consensus algorithm. Exchange listings, transaction scaling, a community voting center for updates, multi-signature using fingerprint and facial recognition ID, and various other features are all available.

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