Presearch decentralized search engine

What Is Presearch’s decentralized search engine?

Presearch is a privacy-centered search engine built on the blockchain. The world’s first decentralized search engine is built to protect user IP addresses, device info, browsers, and location data. It rewards its browser’s users with PRE tokens.

Presearch is the decentralized world’s alternative to Google, Duck duck go, and the likes. Presearch uses a community-based process to deliver more accurate search results. Presearch currently boasts of over 3.8 million registered users, 194m PRE in staking, over 62,000 nodes, and traffic greater than 5 million. 

Presearch has plenty of earning options like Keyword staking, search to earn, and running a node. However, this article focuses on how you can earn by simply searching (like “googling”) using Presearch’s decentralized search engine. 

Getting Started with the Decentralized Search Engine

To start earning tokens, you need to be a registered user – you can register right here (and get 25 PRE tokens). After registering make sure you stay logged in by choosing the “Remember me” option during login.

The Presearch home page - Decentralized Search Engine
The Presearch home page

Clicking on the right-hand side will give you access to the navigation bar allowing you to quickly customise your search preferences.

Searching On Presearch

Searching on Presearch is quite simple. You simply enter your search term into the search bar and hit enter. Results will be displayed as shown in the image below.

The first circle in red shows you the search terms, and the second one is the current balance (which only shows when you are actually logged in). On the left-hand side is the panel showing you various other search options that you might want to switch to. This makes it easier for you if you want for example to switch to Google search or YouTube search or other options.

The rewards Center

Tapping the balance near the top right-hand corner (circled in red) will display a list with various options. Choose the “rewards” option and that will lead you straight to the rewards center.

Here, you will get a closer look at the details of Pressearch’s rewards. However, they are still keeping their new rewards verification system secret.

A closer look at the image below shows you the balance, 117 in this case. It also displays the minimum withdrawal amount, 1000 PRE so this account can not withdraw any funds yet.

The image also displays the number of tokens per search, however, a closer look at the figures circled below clearly shows that this figure is not fixed. It is also worth noting that there is a cap on the number of rewarded searches. This cap is set at 30 and the algorithm is built to kick out any users who misuse the system.

Search to Earn!

Earning with Presearch is pretty straight. Once you have successfully signed up for your account, it is time to begin searching. Before beginning your search, make sure that you are logged in by simply looking at the right-hand corner where the balance is displayed. 

Earn With Presearch: The Decentralized Search Engine

Withdrawing your Earnings

The Presearch token (PRE) is built on Ethereum and as such, users can only withdraw 1000 PRE as a minimum and have to actually pay the gas fees first. This is a drawback but plans are already in place to migrate the token to one of the cheaper chains.

How To Earn More

In order to reap more rewards, you can log in using more than one device. You can actually download the android browser app for maximum effect. Also, remember to set up Presearch as your default search engine. You can download the browser plugin on almost all the most commonly used browsers like Chrome Mozilla, or Brave. You can also refer friends and family to make even more rewards.

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