Internal Review Guide

We divide the project into two major categories. Business and Technical. We will look at different aspects in each category and rate it from 1 to 5. In the end, everything will be summed up and come up with the project total score. Everybody is allowed to review each project on their own and this is not financial advice. You are investing your own money and should do your own research.


Like any project, the product is not the only thing that matters. Sometimes the team behind it is the most important factor behind a strong project and that will be the first thing that we look into. The product can be the best one out there but if the team behind it can’t take it to completion, it’s useless.


What is the business plan behind it? Who is their client avatar? How big and active in their community on social media and how serious are they (wallet holders)? What is the idea and what problem are they solving or how are they making our lives easier, faster, cheaper. How is their marketing activity, their image, and so on?


Who are the people behind this project, past experience, and determination to succeed? How are they communicating with the community? Their customer support status and response rate. How well are they organized for the project and how likely are they to fulfill it. Do they have the right experience or resources to do it? You firstly invest in the person behind the product so this is an important feature.

Road Map

Start with the end in mind. If you don’t know where you have to reach, how would you know what road to take? This is valid in every case in life, especially in business. You need to know what you are growing. What you are building. The better you know the better decisions you are most likely to take. The better you know how something works and what it should do, the better you are prepared for anything and what decisions to take. Even if the future is uncertain, the direction should be stable.


After having a look at the people behind it and the plans, we are moving forward. We take a deeper look into the more technical part. We are not analyzing the financial part of it as an investment but we are looking at the product itself and its capabilities, relevance, and how secure it is.


How original are the project and the idea? How likely is it for another team to develop the same or similar product? Are there any similar products already on the market and how does it differentiate from the others?

There are a lot of “s**t coins” out there that have absolutely no practicability in the real world. They are used as a sort of payment on an enclosed structure. That coin is mostly used for crowdfunding a project. So the question here is, is it actually something that brings benefits, or is it just “surfing the trend”?


So you finally found a nice project, maybe it’s in an early phase and you want to invest in the pre-sale but how safe is that project. One of the decisive factors is trust. Trust them that they won’t be hacked, run away with everything, or fail and won’t be able to recover anything from your initial helpful resources.

Everything is scored and the average score will be posted also as individuals. The rating system will work as in the following example:

Branding: 4 / 5

Team: 3.6 / 5

Road Map: 4.2 / 5

Business: (4+3.6+4.2) / 3 = 3.9

Technical: 4.2 / 5

Project: (3.9+4.2) / 2 = 4 / 5

*Disclaimer* The project’s reviews are not financial advice. You are risking your own funds and you should do your own research on each individual investment. We only search for strong projects and are not looking for a get rich quick schemes.

We strive to educate, grow and help as a community with no borders. We support equality of genders, races, and colors and we want to touch the whole world.

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