Next Earth Metaverse

Project Name: Next Earth

Project Current Stage: Launched in early stage

Short Summary: Next Earth is a blockchain based metaverse community, where users can buy and sell lands on a virtual earth while creating value on the real one. With the support of community governance, tokenomics and Defi solutions for its whole community, it aims to be one of the most ambitious environmental charity projects.

Project Official Links: Website / Telegram / Discord / Twitter

What is Next Earth? is another metaverse project but it does have it’s major differentiating points. Other metaverses like Sandbox and Decentralised are more of a fictional world where, Next Earth, as the name states, it’s a replica of planet earth. The whole world is set up in grids, with parcels of 10×10 that can be bought with the purpose of trading it or to build different projects. Think of it as an inception, smaller worlds in a big metaverse world where you can build anything that you put your mind to.

There are 3 types of lands. Urban, Non-urban and Water. Urban can be used to build projects onto them and will produce UNITS and will give you the possibility to stake your NXTT. As the project is in early stage, these information can still be subject to change. Water and Non-urban tiles are mostly destined for land art. Land Art

The lands value differs from country to country and it’s value raises over time so the earlier you get in, the better price you can purchase it at. They also have a marketplace available for the land sales so you can trade them if you find the buyer.

Next Earth Urban Land

Next Earth is build on the Polymatic side chain and all transactions are made using the Matic token and the NXTT token can currently be purchased from Uniswap. They also have the UNITS feature which are not blockchain tokens but are an internal system points that each Unit gives you a 0,1 USD discount on the price of the land that you intend to purchase. You can also use a discount code from another user that works as a referral system.

The project is also building towards a DAO in which the land owners get the right to vote for future implementations and charity actions. After the ecosystem is fully built, charity will start taking over staking rewards, commission and token burning, and by the end of the project, the full self-functioning ecosystem will be supporting environmental charity purposes. Eventually turning Next Earth into one of the most ambitious environmental charity funding projects that has ever been created.

Next Earth Charity Voting Page

This is a new project but so far, the token value, purchased tiles and holders keeps growing despite the market trends. Even when all the market kept falling (January-March 2022), NXTT hasn’t stopped from it’s healthy and steady growth. In our opinion, this token is a gem and some nice profits can be made and it’s not to late to join the ship.

There are projects already being build in the Next Earth metaverse like the Apex City, Fashion City or Madinat al-Sahra. A couple of ideas that you can build in the metaverse are games, museums, casino, marketing projects for companies, VR worlds, racing circuits, vehicle test drives, clubs and so on. Possibilities are unlimited and your imagination is the only limit that you have.

The team behind the project keeps growing with notable names in the industry. They are also very active, holding regular AMA, Live Q&A and also staying in touch with the community through their official social channels (Twitter, Telegram and Discord). This shows us the dedication and interest in their work and that they are doing everything they can to grow this project. Best part about it is that they are very open for the community feedback and suggestions which you don’t see it to often in crypto projects.

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