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Blockchain technology is growing and limitless. It gives you numerous possibilities through the web3 and decentralized concepts. This opens doors for new concepts to be born. Concepts like Publish0x. One of the many blockchain blogs that connect readers with writers and give everybody the possibility to make some change on the side. We like to call this Blog and Earn, sounds nice. Let’s have a deeper look into this project.

What is Publish0x?

The easiest way to think and understand the platform is by comparing it to Medium. They are both pretty close as concepts, the major difference is that Publish0x incorporates blockchain technology.

How does it work?

First of all, Publish0x doesn’t have its own token. That is an interesting factor and a differentiating point from the competition. You can earn crypto right off the bat without any need to buy anything. Yes, you heard that right, it’s a no entry mark to earn some side cash.

The tokens that you earn are from Publish0x and are offered from their personal vault. Currently, at the moment of the writing of this article (02/04/2022), you can earn Ampleforth $AMPL and Statera $STA tokens. Don’t think this will get you rich but it can sum up in time.

How to earn?

There are three different ways that users can earn crypto on Publish0x. By reading, writing, and by sharing. To read you only have to register and start doing that, to write, currently being in the beta version, you can become a writer only by invite.

At the bottom of the article there is the tipper where you can slide how much would you receive and how much would the author receive. These can be a maximum of 0/100 or 20/80 so nope, you can not keep all the cake, don’t be greedy.

There is also the ambassador program, like in our case, if you would register an account through one of our referral links we will get some extra rewards. As mentioned on their website, those are as follows:

  • Earn 5% of every tip claimed via the tipper by the audience you bring in.
  • Upcoming leaderboards and competitions for most active ambassadors.
  • Access to (upcoming after beta) paid/bountied articles first.

Is it safe?

We have used it for 3 months so far and we can say that the website and project seem legit. The authors are also not mainly speaking specialists but they aren’t beginners either. You just have to stay safe and keep an eye out for the links that you intend to click, even if they are mentioned in an article.

If you want to register, we would appreciate if you use our referral link. Thank you!

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