Elrond Review

Review: Elrond


Elrond is a fast-growing blockchain ecosystem that wants to decentralize finance and change the way we work, pay, interact, and so on financially. We have interacted with this project and its products for a long time now. We were are very pleased so far with it that it grew to be also our favorite ecosystem and their native coin, EGLD to be our main investment

  • Low transaction fees
  • Fast transaction speed
  • No major hacks reported
  • Strong community
  • Growing ecosystem
  • We haven't discovered any yet

Business score: 5/5

The Elrond team is one of the most active crypto project representatives that I have seen so far and trust us, we have noticed a lot of projects and I don’t mean only their social media channels that have moderators. I am speaking of the whole business and system, from the support to the developers. Indeed you can notice some people that are not pleased by different factors but overall, it’s a solid long term business.


The team has created a fantasy story that people fell in love with it. Born in Romania and spread worldwide, the story continues. With a simple design and a touch of mystery in the marketing sector, they managed to blend the industry and professionalism aspect with the fantasy and magical world of the unknown, making it look friendly and let’s say, an adventurer that is in good hands.


The team behind Elrond is vetted and solid, especially the founder, Beniamin Mincu, a Romanian young and determined man, with past experience in entrepreneurship, managing, and a keen eye for marketing. He is also transparent and shows himself as a public person, very active on Twitter. We hint that he is inspired by Elon Musk’s Twitter presents.

Road Map

The story began in 2018 when the concept was born and so far, they have achieved what they proposed in their road map even if sometimes they delivered a bit later. The reason behind this is that the Elrond team wishes to deliver the best product and bug-free software for the crypto world. So far, we are very please with the outcome we saw and are looking to see it evolve in the future as they have a steady growth plan that has been rewarding so far.

Technical score: 5/5

On the technical part, as mentioned earlier, the Elrond team has a keen eye to deliver quality products and offer the maintenance and updates needed regarding any of their launched and tested products on the available market.


Elrond’s main product is the blockchain infrastructure that is fast, reliable, and secure with its own governing token $EGLD. But that is not the only software they offer to the public. They also have the following:

Maiar: This is their main project, a digital wallet and payment method. We recommend getting the app first of all.

Exchange: The exchange in which you can connect your Maiar app or Wallet and exchange EGLD for other tokens listed on the Elrond chain.

Launchpad: New projects need funding. Elrond offers a way for this to be done and for the new projects to get more exposure.

Explorer: Every chain has an explorer in which you can transparently see any transaction or wallet. So does Elrond as everybody else.

Wallet: A digital wallet that can store tokens and NFTs issued on the Elrond chain

Bridge: A product that lets you transfer funds from one chain to another. There is a minimum amount and a set fee for this product. We would recommend instead using an Exchange maybe, especially if the sum is small.

Affiliate Link

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The whole project has been born and delivered towards the same destination. Blockchain-related technology with the main goal of decentralizing finance and the way we do business and trading. Elrond is building a whole ecosystem around digital payments in a decentralized matter.


So far the Elrond Dev team has taken measures to protect the community funds and assets. We haven’t heard of any major hacks on the chain or wallets. Indeed there are scammers and phishing websites all over the place and sometimes they seem so real that we can fall victims, we are no exception to this. Check out our blog to read more about this. Always stay safe and double-check where you connect your wallets too and never share your secret words or private key with anybody.

*Disclaimer* The project’s reviews are not financial advice. You are risking your own funds and you should do your own research on each individual investment. We only search for strong projects and are not looking for a get rich quick scheme.

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