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Review: Gala Games


Mirandus appears to be Gala Games most anticipated title. Players fight monsters, build towns, and complete tasks in this fantasy role-playing game (RPG) inspired by Skyrim. Players may purchase any kingdom, city, character, weapon, or armor in the game.

  • Gala Games has over 1.3 million active players. They bought about 26,000 NFTs all at once, the most expensive of which sold for $3 million.
  • Gala wants to share the billions of dollars earned by gaming platforms with its users.
  • The network aspires to make it possible for you to extract value from gaming ecosystems in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other digital assets.
  • You can exit the game ecosystem and exchange these assets for other popular cryptocurrencies on a variety of DEX (decentralized exchanges).
  • In the crypto realm, video game development is a tremendously difficult and expensive process with unexpected consequences in the future.
  • Gala Games' future prospects appear to be entirely contingent on the success of its games.
  • Despite the fact that instructions for Node setup are included in the extra content, running a node requires an uninterruptible personal computer or a VPS.
  • Players are unable to trade or pass via nodes. They can only be sold when they have been converted to NFTs, which is not mentioned as to when this will occur or the value of the nodes that can be converted to NFTs.
  • Negative regulatory concerns have not been taken into account. If authorities have a role in how cryptocurrency works, Gala Games may suffer a setback.

Business Score: 4/5


Gala Games has always been aggressive with its marketing methods and branding, but with the massive investments and partnerships it received in its early days, it piqued the interest of the whole crypto world. Gala Games was similarly successful in attracting a user base from the start. Gala Games, like any other crypto game startup, put its attention on its community and user feedback rather than on making money, and we have to admit that it succeeded.


Gala Games has always excelled in teamwork and collaboration. Gala Games has enlisted the help of some big investment firms, owing to its incredible team’s extensive network and reputation in the cryptocurrency business. Gala Games, founded by Zynga co-founder Eric Schiermeyer, has partnered with C2 Ventures, a new crypto investment business, to fund game creators interested in creating new games and expansions based on blockchain technology. This includes NFTs, play-to-earn games, and other similar activities. Gala Games announced the formation of a $100 million blockchain gaming fund with C2 Ventures during its Galaverse event.

Road Map

The interviews with the developers reveal major upcoming events for Gala Games, the most important of which is arguably the release of Mirandus, which is slated to happen at the end of next year. Gala Games also appears to have aspirations for its collaborations with Polygon and Flare Network. The Polygon agreement will result in the construction of a new blockchain game, and Gala Games will use Ethereum’s leading Layer-2 to save on gas prices, but it is unclear how or when this will happen. Gala Games has been releasing semi-regular updates regarding its partnership with Flare, and the most recent one mentions that GALA will be able to be traded on Flare, and Flare will add support for the GALA token once its Ethereum bridge is ready. The cooperation with Flare Network is particularly intriguing since Flare Network is effectively XRP’s smart contract sidechain.

Technical 4.15/5


Gala Games operates a video game marketplace similar to Steam, PlayStation Store, and Xbox Store. However, unlike these platforms, Gala Games focuses on projects that incorporate P2E dynamics, NFTs, and decentralized money (Defi). Gamers may play for free and earn money in the process. Another element of the site is that gamers determine which games to include in Gala Games. All Gala nodes will vote, and any gamer can construct a node using their PC. Users will be able to influence the development of the platform itself, such as what features to add and where developers should focus their efforts, such as creating new games, enhancing the interface, or resolving bugs, in addition to the game they choose. Gala Games users agreed in February 2022 to add GRIT, a game similar to PUBG, to the site. Gala Games’ second major component is the production of video games based on blockchain and NFTs. To do this, the company will create a new division devoted solely to the production of blockchain games.

Mirandus appears to be Gala’s most anticipated title. Players fight monsters, build towns, and complete tasks in this fantasy role-playing game (RPG) inspired by Skyrim. Players may purchase any kingdom, city, character, weapon, or armor in the game. The Walking Dead is a multiplayer survival video game set in the setting of the comic book series The Walking Dead. Players will kill zombies, gather materials, and construct homes. The game Echoes of Empire is a science fiction strategy game. Players can use heroes and troops, harvest resources, and build, buy, and improve Starfleet. Echoes of Empire includes two game modes: solo and team, both of which are available after joining or founding a guild. Legends Reborn is a card game in which players must create decks (collections) of fantasy monsters and compete against other players. Only two games are currently in beta testing on the Gala Games platform: Spider Tanks and Town Star. Mirandus was planned to be released in December 2021, but it was pushed out to the end of 2022 or perhaps 2023. Other projects’ debut dates are likewise uncertain.


There are presently roughly 23,000 Founder’s Nodes. There will never be more than 50,000 Founder’s Nodes. Founder’s Node receives GALA in addition to NFTs and tokens from Gala Game’s existing and future games, as well as additional yet-to-be-announced benefits and awards. A Founder’s Node license costs roughly 16, 000 GALA, which comes out to around 80 thousand at GALA’s current pricing. This gala, I assume, is going to the Gala Games. The Gala Games ecosystem is also governed by founder nodes, who vote on which new games should be included. To gain awards, founder nodes must be online for at least six hours every day, and the longer they stay online, the more rewards they earn. Furthermore, the GALA chain will dynamically change token payouts based on the ecosystem’s demands, such as providing more tokens to the Founder’s Node if it needs more processing power, more tokens to paid nodes if it requires more security, or more tokens to free nodes if it requires more storage. What’s even more incredible is that the GALA chain side chain will have three different consensus processes. To guarantee that the Gala Games ecosystem is decentralized, founder nodes will conduct proof of work computation, paying nodes will offer proof of stake security, and free nodes will give proof of storage.


Smart contract flaws have been at the heart of several of the most well-known blockchain hacks, including the $1.3 billion DAO attack and the Uniswap DEX hack, and account for billions of dollars in lost cash each year. Gala is excited to help the Defi and DApp industries gain more transparency, dependability, and trust. AnChain.AI, the security behemoth, conducted a thorough security audit of the Gala smart contract, confirming that all implementations adhere to best practices across all attack surfaces. It offers static, dynamic, and statistical analysis; business logic auditing; gas analysis; and governance auditing using the unique CAS auditing sandbox and expert manual auditing. The completion of this security assessment ensures the greatest level of community trust and safety.

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