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Rview: Metamask

  • Downloading and setting up on many devices is simple.
  • All ERC-20 tokens, NFTs, and various blockchains are supported.
  • There is no registration procedure that requires personally identifying information and KYC.
  • Multiple wallets can be created inside the same app.
  • Integrations with Ledger devices.
  • Open source.
  • There is no option to reset your password.
  • Technical assistance is limited.
  • Bitcoin is not supported.

Business 4.1/5


In terms of branding and corporate marketing, Metamask has always been steady. Metamask attracted early adopters such as Vitalike Buterin, who tweeted about the wallet, and it subsequently gathered a large number of users and defi enthusiasts. The fact that Metamask integrated Ethereum protocols and subsequent defi applications drew a lot of attention because centralized exchanges are unable to do so. The present branding of Metamask is based on collaborations such as ledger and word-of-mouth produced through defi communities and forums.


Aaron Davis and Dan Finlay founded MetaMask in 2016. It has evolved from a simple Ethereum crypto wallet software to one that can handle numerous blockchains since then. MetaMask had 10 million monthly active users throughout the world as of August 2021. Its clear and easy user experience continues to drive these figures up, with a gain of 1800 percent since July 2020. The Metamask team has grown dramatically over time, with the majority of the members being anonymous contributors and developers.

Road Map

One of the interesting things to note about Metamask is that it has sketched out many strategies to expand more and more networks. Metamask swap, for example, has always been a unique proposition, and the wallet is presently working to improve it so that it can onboard any blockchain network in the future without any delays or hassles and swap them further on the wallet. Other goals include the release of updated Android and iOS applications with more advanced but useful features. With all of these ideas in place, both completed and in the works, it’s evident that the Metamask will continue to grow and include new features and functions.

Technical 4.5/5


When Metamask first launched in 2016, it didn’t make many adjustments to its product throughout the years. Over time, Metamask has progressively improved its functionality and user accessibility. Metamask was created to be a straightforward wallet rather than a complex one. Metamask’s focus on user accessibility and easy-to-use techniques is aided by some of the features stated below.

Design and user experience

When compared to the complicated UI of crypto exchanges, the MetaMask wallet is extremely elegant and pared-back. The main screen displays your asset list (along with the balance for each asset), as well as options for sending, receiving, and swapping assets.

Your recent transactions are displayed on the activity page, and selecting your account at the top copies your asset address to the clipboard. The three-dot menu on the top right also displays your wallet address and a QR code for receiving cryptocurrencies, while the menu above gives you access to settings, the ability to import and create accounts, and the option to connect to compatible hardware wallets.

Finally, there’s the ‘Networks’ menu, which offers a drop-down selection of several networks, including the Ropsten and Rinkeby Test Networks. The primary default Ethereum network is used for sending and receiving tokens, as well as engaging with dapps, thus most users may disregard these. The remaining networks on the list are public test networks that are mostly used by developers to test smart contracts without having to pay gas, which is the cost of doing a transaction on the Ethereum network, which is made up of small fractions of Ether called Gwei. The design of MetaMask is simple, which is fine. It includes everything you’ll need to get started, and it’s really welcoming and homely for newcomers.

Defi Applications

Support for DeFi applications is another arrow in MetaMask’s quiver, which no doubt helped the firm surpass ten million monthly active users in October 2021. You may, for example, connect your Compound account to MetaMask directly, allowing you to access your assets fast and effortlessly. As the popularity of dapps grows, this seamless connection will become increasingly vital to MetaMask users.

Users who have Trezor or Ledger hardware wallets can also connect them to their MetaMask wallet. It’s as simple to use as the rest of MetaMask’s features. Simply open the menu, select ‘Connect hardware wallet,’ click connect, connect the device via USB, and approve MetaMask on the device, and you’re ready to go.

Application for smartphones

The MetaMask wallet app is available for download on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for Android, and it supports both main smartphone platforms. The wallet automatically sets high gas prices for transactions, and the built-in web browser has poor performance, according to several complaints across both marketplaces. Users may transfer and receive cryptocurrencies on the supported blockchains, as well as examine NFT collections, using the smartphone app, which will prompt users to confirm transactions and gas cost maximums before sending them. Users may also use Transak to acquire Ethereum on the app. On iOS devices, Transak on MetaMask mobile allows users to make purchases using credit cards, bank transfers, or Apple Pay. As part of their KYC regulatory requirements, the provider may once again need consumers to enter some personally-identifying information.


You may send and receive Ethereum, Eth-based tokens, Binance Smart Chain tokens, and a variety of other coins with the MetaMask crypto wallet software. One of MetaMask’s biggest benefits is that you may pick which chain you wish to receive from and accept lesser coins from chains that most people don’t utilise.

To use MetaMask, you’ll need a small amount of Ethereum. The transaction costs are determined by the network, therefore if you use Binance Smart Chain, the rates will be different than on the Ethereum chain. It’s crucial to understand the distinctions between the networks and the costs that will be charged, or you might end up paying some astronomically expensive transaction fees. So, before you go ahead and conduct that transaction, double-check that you aren’t spending $35 to send $15 in Eth to your friend.


Although MetaMask is extremely user-friendly, there are a few drawbacks to consider. To begin with, while MetaMask does not have access to your personal information, your browser does. While browsers cannot access your private keys, privacy-conscious crypto enthusiasts will feel downright dirty using a wallet on browsers like Google and Mozilla, two businesses with a shady history when it comes to customers’ data.

Another important consideration is that MetaMask is an online wallet by definition. It’s subject to hacking and assaults because it’s connected to the Internet. When compared to a well-hidden hardware wallet that is unaffected by internet attacks, this might be a security issue for the ultra-secure.

MetaMask’s approach to security, in many aspects, is based on user anonymity rather than standard security procedures. MetaMask does not store any user data because the program is non-custodial. Wallets are instead safeguarded by a user-generated password during creation, biometric data on mobile devices, and a unique 12-word seed phrase for recovery. Technical assistance is unable to assist users in recovering their passwords, emphasizing the significance of the seed phrase. If a user forgets their seed phrase, they risk losing all access to their wallet.

MetaMask is vulnerable to hackers, malware like banking Trojans, social engineering attempts, and other cryptocurrency frauds since there is only one means to restore a single wallet across many machines. Viruses targeting cryptocurrency wallets, handing up the 12-word seed phrase on a phishing website or to another party, and downloading a phony MetaMask extension that allows a hacker control of your wallet are some of the most prevalent assaults against MetaMask wallet users. Users should never give out their seed phrase to anybody they don’t know and trust and should contact MetaMask support right once if they suspect their wallet has been hacked.

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