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  • The gameplay
  • Generates passive income
  • Decentralized Governance
  • Staking Into Planets: In the Mines of Dalarnia, landowners can rent out their lands to miners using the staking into planets feature
  • There is not much of a challenge to the game in the current build.
  • Though Mines of Dalarnia has a large user base and strong backers, the gameplay may be an issue in the future because there are so many games that are similar to Mines of Dalarnia that there is little to distinguish them

Business Score: 3.7/5


Mines of Dalarnia had a great marketing and influencer team who ensured the game reached more and more enthusiasts and also engaged them with gameplay. The team made sure that the graphics, gameplay, and accessibility were bang on point so that the users could experience a seamless game. Mines of Dalarnia’s equipment advancement and land-rental systems provide the framework for what might become an enormously intriguing game in the future. And with engagement of this sort, the branding and marketing can be done in a jiff. Mines of Dalarnia’s branding also helped it secure deals and funding from top crypto firms like Binance, Sandbox, and Animoca, to name a few.


Mines of Dalarnia has a rather anonymous team, but they are not afraid to provide frequent updates and accept community feedback via their social media accounts. Hélio Póvoas Neto, who is in charge of the mainnet and other gameplay launches, oversees the project. Another developer, Joseph Su, is in charge of creating new features based on user feedback. The team was able to establish solid relationships with major crypto firms and secure significant funds before the ICO. This strong backing ensured that the community became stronger and invested more.

Road Map

After months of community testing, Mines of Dalarnia has just released their PlayToEarn (P2E) game to the GameFi space.The mainnet of the free-to-play blockchain game has been launched. Similarly, some essential game aspects are still in development. Despite these difficulties, the token’s price has begun to rise, similar to other metaverse initiatives, and has shrunk in the recent bear market. There’s no denying that this idea has piqued the interest of investors and fans from all around the world. Landholders now possess a huge chunk of the game’s land, indicating that players are anxiously anticipating the game’s next developments in order to begin playing more. The complete introduction of a gaming ecosystem and an NFT marketplace is intended to boost game participation. Because of these things, we are sure that Mines of Dalarnia will be a great long-term investment for people who want to buy cryptocurrency.

Technical 3.8/5


In-Game Mining

Mining is an important component of the game in Mines of Dalarnia. As a result, the game’s environment includes extensive fields and mines. The mines and lands are intended to be the primary points of access for miners throughout the game. Landowners and miners have different roles in the game.Miners may defeat monsters in this game by using their mining talents. They may also mine blocks to discover precious materials. Meanwhile, landowners own land and get rent from miners who seek to mine on their property. Land rent can be paid using tokens, tools, and minerals.The game includes a wide range of mining equipment and weaponry. The power and capabilities of these instruments vary. Mining will be faster by using tools that have more substantial power. In Mines of Dalarnia (DAR), players may use the in-game marketplace to purchase, sell, and exchange minerals. The DAR token is used to pay transaction fees on the marketplace. The game requires you to guide a character through randomly generated levels in order to acquire rare relics and artifacts that you can use to enhance your equipment and uncover Dalarnia’s mysteries. Mines of Dalarnia is a dungeon crawler that uses blockchain technology. It combines dungeon crawling, exploring, crafting, and fighting.

Decentralized Governance

Mines of Dalarnia is different from other games because it has its own platform and lets users change how they play.So, everyone who owns a game token will be able to use the governance features, which will be gradually given to the development team for user experience. As a result, all game token holders will have access to the governance features, which will be progressively passed on to the development team for deployment. The governance system for the games will first try to empower in-game choices while also establishing a stake payment proportion for participants. But as the game goes on, the structure will change to add more features chosen by the people who hold tokens.

DAR Token

DAR is the native token of the MoD. The coin, which is part of the Binance Smart Chain, was introduced in November 2021 and is accessible on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges. The DAR supply is restricted to 800,000,000 DAR. There are 123.2 million DAR in circulation (15.4 percent of the total token supply). Launchpool winners will receive an additional 24 million DAR (3 percent of total supply).DAR is the game’s default currency. It may be used to purchase in-game assets and pay transaction fees. Depending on the location from where they’re obtained, resources in the game range from basic to exotic. Simple equipment modifications may be made with basic materials. Advanced equipment and plot enhancements can be done with more exotic materials and uncommon relics and artifacts. Players must initially buy the starter pack, which includes oxygen supplies and a rudimentary pickaxe. Players must spend resources to update their equipment and devise mining tactics if they wish to advance in the game. Minerals gathered throughout the mining process may also be used to make new goods. Because Mines of Dalarnia is a pay-to-win game, players may earn tokens by completing in-game tasks, asking friends to join, or winning contests. Landowners can also make money by renting their property to miners for exploration.


Surprisingly, the game’s mechanics are quite similar to crypto mining and processing. Much like in the game, crypto players are tasked with exploring territory (the crypto business), mining for resources (new digital assets), and trading them on the market. The more advanced the equipment you use, the more you can mine and the faster you can do it. Whether the game is designed to reflect the crypto business or not, it may be utilized as a fun and engaging way for individuals to comprehend some of the more fundamental principles in a way that is engaging and does not overwhelm them.


Because of the recent NFT and protocol hacks, a user should be concerned about the security of Mines of Dalarnia. The metaverse should provide endless opportunities for creators and communities to cooperate, construct, and share ownership of ideas and experiences without fear of legal repercussions. Anyone who uses Web3 should know how to protect their assets from hackers and con artists. Because the Mines of Dalarnia metaverse is decentralized, the community will focus on balancing user autonomy with security as the metaverse evolves. As the open metaverse and cryptocurrency gaming industry grows, Mines of Dalarnia is actively trying to work with security heavyweights like Ledger to offer a safe and appealing place for crypto newbies and amateurs alike by working with them to build an even more complex system where security offenses will not be tolerated or allowed to happen.

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