PipeFlare Review

PipeFlare: Review


We tested PipeFlare for almost a month now and earned over 1000 1FLR in the process and staked them on their platform. The platform idea and gaming is really interesting and the idea behind the project has a great potential to achieve the success that they want. They are focused on helping people to create a small income with their faucet and games and it looks like they are succeeding with it.

  • Different Reference Levels
  • Earn Without Investing
  • Multiple Languages
  • Daily Loyalty Rewards
  • No Direct Support

Business score: 4/5


PipeFlare is a new project, a faucet with a focus on crypto games. Currently, there are a couple of games that let you earn 1FLR and even have a daily claim of ZEC and MATIC. PipeFlare marketing is mostly focused on word of mouth, a referral system that looks pretty much unique in my opinion. It is an interesting project with a nice brand design. They also give you the possibility to purchase referrals and add them to your account.


Jonathan Teplitsky is the co-founder and team leader of PipeFlare (the 1FLR token). He is a serial entrepreneur with over 10 years of marketing experience and past military experience. They feature 14 people working on this project and 3 investors which is interesting. The team behind the game looks professional and able to deliver and Jonathan’s military experience will push the project to success in our opinion.

Road Map

The 2022 road map has been updated and can be seen here. It looks like the 2022 goal is to focus on the platform games and their NFT projects. The NFT point is to multiply the daily claims and rewards. It also gives you access to different perks and benefits.

Technical score: 4/5


Currently, they created a platform where developers can host their games there. They have a couple of simple games that you can try out and earn 1FLR in the process. Only the MATIC and ZEC can only be claimed once a day. They also have a web platform and mobile apps for android and ios. To play the games and earn the crypto, you only have to log on to the platform, press on the game, install it if you want to play on mobile (some games there are only available on the website), and just go ahead and collect the coins.

You have the possibility to earn ZEC, MATIC, and 1FLR daily by claiming them. Also earn by referring, joining competitions, and from their referral program. The claim is not a lot but it is an interesting way to waste time and earn some coins in the process. It is a play to earn an opportunity with no investment needed to join. You can raise your rewards by becoming a supporter, to do that you have to pay a monthly subscription which can be 2$, 10$, or 25$ per month (currently a discounted price). You also get an x2 bonus if you use a specific browser or mobile app to claim the coins.


Security-related, the coins that you earn are on hold on their platform. We have connected our MetaMask wallet to receive the coins (we currently haven’t withdrawn any coins because we want to stake them and see all the features that their platform offers). Is it legit or a scam? That is the main question. We currently believe that it is a legit platform that currently pays as promised but we can never know what happens in the future. Our bet is that this platform will stay legit and grow so it is an interesting project to look into and watch. They also have interesting partnerships and integrated it is connected to MetaMask. The coins are delayed before you can withdraw them and use them. You can’t use them directly from the website, only after you withdraw then you can stake them by transferring the coins to a specific address. This is our opinion gives an extra layer of security against hackers.

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