Axie Infinity Review

Review: Axie Infinity


Axie Infinity has a promising future, according to a number of gamers, despite these obvious shortcomings. According to some observers, the platform's large and growing population can only mean one thing: long-term advancement.

  • The game's complex economic model continues to hold the attention of investors and players despite all of this. Everyone has a valid reason to believe in axie infinity, and with the widespread support, it's unlikely that the game will be discontinued very soon.
  • Axie Infinity will see a buoyant economy in 2022. The potential for creativity in this game is enormous. Axie Infinity has a promising future because more upgrades are coming.
  • Axie Infinity is primarily populated by scholars. An advantage of becoming a scholar is that you can put money and time into the game while still earning anything.
  • Any account that doesn't abide by axie infinity' terms of service gets deleted. An illustration of what players should not do is the famed "multi-accounting" technique.
  • Axie infinity can only ban the reported offender if a player is tricked or hacked. Since axie infinity isn't accountable for keeping your money secure, the stolen item won't be recovered.
  • If staying in Axie Infinity for an extended period of time, prepare for this instability. Ensure that you always have access to your assets.

Business score: 4.3/5


The biggest blockchain game created in 2021 was Axie Infinity. Axes were fetching hundreds of dollars each at the peak of the market’s activity when daily transactions topped million. In order to explore the world of Lunacia, players must breed and gather the adorable animals known as Axies. Axies will eventually be used to own and cultivate the land, burn for improvements, and trade for in-game goods. The goal of the game is not to be a card battler, but to create a metaverse in which Axies can control Lunacia. Sky Mavis, the company behind Axie Infinity, was able to build a community of millions of players around the world, with a focus on third-world countries that used the game to get themselves out of poverty. This was made possible by investors who bought their teams and paid for their battles.


The gaming studio Sky Mavis, which focuses on technology and was established in early 2018, is developing Axie Infinity. The team comprises 40 full-time personnel. Its headquarters are in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Trung oversees the organisation in Vietnam and is engaged in all significant decisions, from marketing to product. Trung co-founded, a pioneering Vietnamese e-commerce firm, when he was just 19 years old and served as its CTO. has garnered around $10 million in financing and is still in business today. With more expertise in the blockchain industry on its roster, Axie has grown considerably.


There are no indications that the Axie Infinity game creators will slow down. The release of Play to Earn, AXS staking, and a new land gameplay are all on the development agenda for the upcoming months. The player base is looking forward to each of these milestones, and it’s likely that they will push the game’s popularity to new heights.Although Axie Infinity has so far had a genuinely spectacular climb among the general non-fungible tokens and crypto gaming excitement, as the fine print frequently states, previous performance is no guarantee of future outcomes. However, the online game appears to be a highly developed enterprise in a rapidly competitive market. It’s not impossible that it will face growth-stifling problems or be interrupted by other projects in the coming months.

Technical: 4.5/5


PVP Battles

Battles between live players take place in a unique venue in this mode. Each side in the battle has three pets. Axies take turns inflicting harm on opposing fighters according to their allotted tasks. The player whose team kills all three enemy pets is declared the winner. Crushing the adversary results in experience points as well as the acquisition of potions, power-ups, and other resources. The success of the combat depends on your ability to deploy your pets effectively and make the most of their skills and advantages. PVP bouts can be accessed once every four hours. A user can only engage in six bouts each day.

PVE Adventure

In this mode, the player and their pets travel about the land of Lunacia. Players will run into dangerous monsters that get stronger and tougher as time passes. As the player’s pet advances in level thanks to each victory, they may occasionally have to restart from the beginning since eventually they will run into an opponent they are unable to overcome. This mode may be considered a normal roguelike game.


Axies may breed with each other to create progeny. Axie can engage in breeding up to seven times. Breeding commissions are paid in predetermined amounts of 4 AXS tokens, which are sent to the Axie Community Treasury. The progeny can be offered for sale on the Axie Infinity Marketplace.

AXS and SLP Tokens In Axie Infinity, tokenomics is surprisingly easy to understand. SLP and AXS are the only available tokens. SLP may be bought with fiat money or another cryptocurrency on well-known exchanges like Pancake Swap and even Binance. Currently, SLP is only utilized as a reward system and serves just the purpose of breeding within games. One of the primary reasons SLP lost value was because breeding is too expensive for the typical player to make a profit. AXS, the game’s governance token, is required if you’re interested in making investments and making suggestions. ERC 20 Axie Infinity Shards serve as the Axie universe’s governance tokens. Holders will influence the direction of Axie Infinity by indicating their support for ecosystem improvements and guiding use of a Community Treasury. The Axie NFT marketplace will take AXS as payment. The Axie team may also utilise AXS to decide who is eligible to take part in particular sales or auctions. AXS holders also get a cut of the rewards for staking and the money that Axie Infinity makes.


Axie Infinity is a member of a new species of video games that can only exist thanks to blockchain technology. These incorporate aspects of both play-to-earn and pay-to-win, which I will hereafter refer to as pay-to-win-to-earn, or P2W2E. A more charitable term may be invest-to-win. According to Sky Mavis, the game is set up as an open-ended virtual pet environment. This implies that the game’s functionality and playability will both be enhanced in the future. With Axie at its core, there is a clear attempt to build an immersive digital environment based on blockchain technology. Keep in mind that this is a play-to-earn video game based on NFT. Players can earn the Ethereum-based tokens AXSs and SLPs that can be exchanged for Ether—one of the most well-known cryptocurrencies in the world—even if they do not directly earn traditional fiat money this way. They can either use them right away or have their ether converted into cash later.


Concerns concerning the fast increase in sales and trading of non-fungible tokens have been voiced by several commentators. Some people have pointed out that the present interest in NFTs may lead to the formation of an economic bubble that will eventually burst because of the overvaluation of digital NFT assets, market hype, speculation, security concerns, and herding behavior. Success appears to have drawn some unwanted attention, though. A security issue that cost the loss of almost $600 million in eth was disclosed for one of the blockchains used by Axie Infinity to process transactions. The team found that on March 23, Sky Mavis’s Ronin validator nodes and Axie DAO validator nodes were hacked, causing 173,600 Ethereum and 25.5M USDC to be siphoned out in two transactions from the Ronin bridge, one of the two blockchains that drive Axie Infinity’s NFT-based economy. The attacker exploited compromised private keys to create false withdrawals.


Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, Polkadot is still a developing cryptocurrency. Long-term returns on your investment may be substantial if you enjoy taking chances. However, it may potentially fail if Polkadot is supplanted by a more advanced technology. It will take some time before this new cryptocurrency, Polkadot, achieves significant success, despite having a number of projects in the works. Due to the fact that it is more participatory, Polkadot is attracting investors’ attention. The Polkadot technology allows developers to connect existing blockchains as well as build brand-new blockchains from scratch. Investors are drawn in when they observe developers flocking to a new technology.

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