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Review: Sandbox

  • The Security Advisory Board backs Decentraland's communal government (SAB).
  • NFTs can be auctioned and LAND can be sold for MANA.
  • Decentraland tokens have a variety of applications.
  • Upgrades are performed on a regular basis to guarantee that new features are added to the protocol.
  • There is a significant lack of engaging stuff.
  • Decentraland's environment lacks variety.
  • Users rarely encounter other users, and when they do, there is no contact.
  • Exploitation risk as a result of cyberattacks.

Business Score: 4.6/5


Sandbox’s branding as a metaverse platform that allows users to participate in play-to-earn activities, own land, collect its cryptocurrency token SAND, and have a say in the platform’s management was well-carved into a niche with little competition. Despite the fact that the metaverse market is still in its early phases, it has been shown to be popular with users and investors and has attracted a sizable following.

Animoca obtained $2.5 million in investment for its development in 2019, followed by $2.01 million later that year. The Sandbox raised $93 million in a financing round headed by SoftBank in November of last year. Adrian Cheng, a Chinese billionaire, said that his company would buy one of the game’s largest land plots. On the consumer side, The Sandbox is said to have surpassed 2 million users, which is a remarkable achievement given the low rate of VR penetration. The fact that big studios and investment firms are putting money into Softbank suggests that the game’s core elements and branding are still the same.


The project’s development team is large and includes individuals from all around the world. However, the core development staff has stayed intact for many years. The Sandbox team is led by Arthur Madrid, CEO; Marcelo Santurio, CFO; and Lucas Shrewsbury, CTO. The Sandbox’s creators take their gaming universe extremely seriously. It’s no surprise, given that this is primarily an investment enterprise. As a result, the designers of this NFT game produced a comprehensive manual and progressive roadmaps accounting for 2025 with the vision of the game.

Road Map

The Sandbox was supposed to have a comprehensive public debut by 2022, according to its plan. However, this has not yet occurred, and the platform is now only available as an alpha version. The Sandbox Alpha Season 2 was to debut on March 3 this year, according to a February statement. As part of a restricted release, users now have access to 18 updates and several new experiences. More crucially, the roadmap states that The Sandbox will be available on mobile devices by the end of the year. S2 Alpha Pass holders may choose to sell their passes on OpenSea. As a result, this will be your sole option for purchasing one. As soon as the link to the official collection of Season 2 Alpha Passes is available, Sandbox will post it.

Technical 4.1/5


The SAND token is a very stable cryptocurrency token on the network, making it a valuable asset class for both merchants and commercial investors. Sand is included in nearly every metaverse mutual fund and ETF, and its price tends to stay around $3 or higher, barring market dips and spikes. In the Sandbox marketplace, SAND may be used to purchase NFT wearables, level up in games, or acquire property.


VoxEdit is an NFT and 3D model editor that allows users to create their own VR content. It comes with animation tools, export options, monetization options, templates, and much more. VoxEdit users that participate in the platform’s Creator Fund can register as artists.

The Sandbox Game Maker

The Sandbox Game Maker is a no-code gameplay creation and development tool that is presently in alpha. On the Sandbox platform, users may develop 3D games for free and share them with their friends and communities. Visual scripting tools are included in the features, which don’t require any prior understanding of coding or game creation.

The marketplace

The Sandbox’s marketplace contains hundreds of content providers, both sponsored partners, and normal users. It also includes a list of the community’s NFT products, wearables, and 3D artwork. Snoop Dogg, for example, just released 10,000 limited-edition avatars NFTs that can be purchased using SAND tokens. Users can purchase NFTs for their personal collection or playtime, or resell them for a profit.

The Sandbox map

Like most other metaverse platforms, The Sandbox makes its map, or a complete collection of land parcels and their layout, available to the public. Users may locate land for sale, houses for rent, regions that are currently under construction, or much more here. The Sandbox assets may also be purchased on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

The Sandbox will be run as a DAO, with $SAND serving as the governance token. Holders of the token will be able to vote on important platform decisions. Foundation grant attributions to content and game developers, as well as feature prioritization on the platform Roadmap, are two of the most important challenges. Owners of SAND can also assign voting rights to other participants.


The token may be staked on the platform, allowing users to earn passive income in $SAND while the token is held. Staking is also the sole means for Artists and other players to harvest Gems and Catalysts, which are both essential components in ASSET production.


A GEM is an ERC-20 token that is burned when an NFT is minted. When NFTs are minted in this manner, they gain specific qualities that provide the asset an advantage when used in a game. You may increase the asset’s stats by burning gems. One GEM may supply up to 25 attribute points to an ASSET, and you can socket up to four GEMs with the aid of CATALYSTs for a total of 100 attribute points. Currently, the only way to earn GEM is to stake $SAND on land.

GEM may be used to acquire five different sorts of attributes: Power, Defence, Magic, Speed, and Luck The Game Maker will have these features, which will let the designer make games that are even more interesting and fun.

A Catalyst is an ERC-20 token that is burned when it is used to create an NFT. Catalyst assists in determining the rarity of an asset and gives gem storage space. It has not yet been revealed how catalysts can be obtained as of the writing of this article.

Catalysts are categorised into four categories:

Up to 20000 ASSET copies can be minted from a single GEM socket.

Rare-2 GEM sockets-4000 ASSET copies possible.

Epic-3 GEM sockets-1,500 ASSET copies may be made.

4 GEM sockets; 200 ASSET replicas can be manufactured.


When it comes to cryptocurrencies, we must recognize that if we wish to maintain our own assets outside of a bank or insurance company, we must take security and privacy extremely seriously. When your Pudgy Penguin is phished out of your Metamask, who will you call? Exactly. This is why The Sandbox has teamed up with The Ledger.

They want to provide an experience for individuals to investigate and learn about asset protection in the metaverse. When you think of folks that are new to the crypto and NFT world right now, you have to recognize that a lot of them are simply winging it. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets are stored in the Metamask wallet or any other hot wallet.

The fact is that informed people become Ledger customers, so they just want to ensure that everyone has all of the information they need to be secure and appropriately handle their wonderful right to self-custody. As part of the agreement, The Sandbox will give the Ledger team 36 LANDs to help them build their security and education hub in the metaverse. This hub will have basic support functions like an office hours bar where The Sandbox users can contact Ledger’s customer support, as well as a school where users can access unique gamified education experiences and Ledger’s Academy.

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