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Review: Thetan Arena


It is difficult to talk about the best NFT or blockchain-based games of 2022 without discussing Thetan Arena by Wolffun Games. Released late in 2021, the project hit a record-breaking number of players, registered at well over 12,000,000 players in a month. This included breaking the blockchain gaming record of 6,000,000 concurrent players.

  • Easy to play
  • Fairly good reward system
  • Great user experience
  • Mobile app compatible with most phones
  • Variety of modes, so you won't easily get bored
  • Free to play possibility
  • Requires investment in order to get ahead and start earning
  • No in-depth tutorial, not very newbie-friendly
  • Plenty of bots despite claims of having millions of users
  • Can't make much from playing

Business score: 3.5/5


Thetan Arena is still a relatively new Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game in the market in which players fight against each other in-game (Player vs player). In the process, they are also able to earn native tokens from the game by taking part in in-game activities and events. The gameplay was inspired by WolfFun Games’ Heroes Strike, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. It has various gameplay modes to keep things interesting.

Thetan Arena is one of the latest games in the play-to-earn cryptocurrency niche. It joins a fast-growing crypto space, and it’s exciting to watch how cryptocurrencies and NFTs are being innovatively used on a daily basis, in this case, to compensate players.


The game was created by KardiaChan and Wolffun games. The Wolffun games company is one of the older names in the gaming industry and it is pleasing to see them embrace the blockchain revolution.

Vietnamese studio called Wolffun Games was founded in 2014 and has a plethora of experience, particularly in online mobile PvP games. The studio is famous for games like Tomcat in Space, Tank Raid and Heroes Strike. Heroes Strike has almost 10M downloads and achieved the “Editor’s Choice” badge from the Google Play Store. Wolffun grabbed the Blockchain opportunity and moved Heroes Strike to the blockchain. They renamed it Thetan Arena. This means that Thetan Arena already comes with a fully finished gameplay and a Web 2.0 revenue source.

Wolffun games started with just four members but have now grown to 100 members, only 20 of whom are part-time.


In April this year, the team updated its roadmap, shifting from a quarter milestone-focused timeline to a phase-by-phase goal timeline.

The team released two essential targets ahead of schedule – $THG Staking, and tournaments. The team is looking to focus on the creation of mini-games, a new Guild System, and the development of the Thetan Arena ESports scene in the next phase of their roadmap. 

The guild system in the new roadmap will retain both the Guild Quest and the Guild Wars features from the old roadmap. In the third phase, the team will release a Social System and a Streaming System along with additional Minigames. Phase 4 will see them introduce Avatar Hero and Avatar Pet as the introductory mark to the dawn of the Thetan World.

Technical: 3.4/5


The game modes include Tower Seige, Battle Royale, Superstar, and Deathmatch. You can also choose the Custom battle mode where you get to decide your own conditions and play. Most of the game modes are one versus many, you go against a team and have to be the last one standing or earn the most points possible. In Tower Seige, you have to defend your team’s tower while concurrently attacking your opponent’s tower and taking them down. You can either play the game with your friends or against strangers around the world. 

The game characters are called “Heroes”. You use the Heroes against other Heroes on the battlefield. You can choose an Assassin, Marksman, or Tank hero. Assassin Heroes are the ones who hide in the shadows and can do massive damage to enemies. Marksman Heroes on the other hand do damage from afar. Tank Heroes deal massive damage, and usually lead the group.

When you sign up, you will be assigned a basic hero from each class. There are actually 3 Hero ranks in the game: Common Hero, Epic Hero, and Legendary Hero. The rarer the hero, the better they will be.

Your heroes make use of the “skills” that are available in the game. There are a set of skills unlocked already for you free of charge and you can unlock more by buying from the shop or earning them as rewards. Skills are also ranked. There is the default, rare and mythical. They are also randomized every week so you can choose whatever free ones that you want.

Skills are effect-based, melee, and support-based. You can select the ones you need for each Hero and use them on the battlefield. Make your choice carefully as this will be a huge determinant of whether you win or lose.


You can earn cryptocurrency by playing the game and trading items in the game’s store. The game’s native token is THG. THG will be used for a number of purposes, including staking, voting, as a medium of exchange, and as a store of value. THG can be bought via Pancakeswap (Smart chain). These coins can be swapped for money on various crypto wallets, or players can keep them for the long term.


Thetan Arena operates a dual token economy, with Thetan Gem (THG) and Thetan Coin (THC).

$THG is a free-to-earn token. Users can earn $THG by staking Thetan Heroes, participating in challenges, accruing game time, participating in governance, etc. $THG can be used to participate in governance, trade in the marketplace, evolve heroes, etc. $THG has a maximum supply of $420M.

Players earn $THC by simply playing the game. $THC can be earned by participating in battles, quests, and ranking rewards. $THC is used to purchase the Thetan Box, which contains Thetan Heroes.


Thetan Arena’s smart contract was audited by Verichains, a world-class research lab of security, AI, and blockchain technology, and was found to be safe. However, the team’s IDO had some hiccups, including two cyber attacks, one on PancakeSwap and one on KAIDEX. The team successfully overcame these hiccups and has not had any attacks recently. The only problem for users is the number of bots used in the game despite the team claiming they have millions of registered users. Other than that, the product looks safe enough for users but as always, take extra care when interacting with smart contracts.


Thetan Arena is actually a fun game to play, even if you decide to play the free version. The team did a wonderful job on the game and you should have fun playing it on almost any smart mobile device.

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