Top 3 crypto exchanges

I will list my top 3 crypto exchanges that I have personally tested and used and I will share with you my pros and cons of each crypto exchange. The top is made by my personal preferences and not regarding the public trending but personal experience and testing of over 30 days on each and 1000$ invested in each one.

1. Binance

Binance is one of the most popular exchanges on the market so of course, I ended up using it and checking it out. They provide a web and mobile version of the platform that are synced together and makes the use of it a lot easier and I am mainly a mobile user so that is an extra point for them. Binance was the first exchange I registered on and I received USDT payments through it, made FIAT deposits (when it used to work, they lost a point here when the option got canceled), and P2P exchanges selling USDT for Euro through Revolut. The interface is a bit hard to understand at the beginning and it would need some UX improvement in my opinion. It took me a while to understand how to withdraw and trade the crypto I had in my wallet but they have a lot of tutorials and articles helping out and explaining it.


  • A lot of staking options
  • All important and alt coins listed
  • Most popular so there is always P2P and liquidity options
  • Tutorials and Articles


  • Interface hard to understand at the beginning
  • Hiccups in account verification
  • Not available in the US
  • Non-transparent corporate structure

2. turned out to be one of my actual favorites right now. They offer for the first 30 days when you register a new account, a 0% deposit commission so that was great. I focused on that month investing through it to benefit from the offer so I actually worked with each exchange exclusively for at least 1 month and invested over 1000$ in each (you never know the truth until you actually get involved). I focused on their native coin, CRO, and benefited from the staking offers they have.


  • Crypto debit cards
  • Cashback and discounts using the card
  • Lots of earning offers with good rates
  • Crypto Loan offers
  • Aggresive Marketing


  • NOT a Credit Card
  • Abrupt Changes to Terms
  • Complicated Referral Program
  • Trade Spread 

3. KuCoin

KuCoin is a new player on the market and I find it very interesting especially their native coin. The native coin features were one thing that attracted me and the second one was the low fees that they have. I discovered this exchange when Elrond (with their native coin, eGold, being one of my favorite investments) partnered with them, not too long ago. I like their app and interface and they partner with a lot of newly listed coins and feature lots of possibilities of airdrops, bonuses, earnings, staking, and much more so it is an interesting exchange to look into. Another great feature of it is by owning at least 6 KuCoin coins will give you the advantage of earning dividends, the coin representing the business itself, they are like shares on the stock market.


  • Easy interface
  • Low fees
  • Large range of crypto top coins including the new ones
  • Good account and wallet security


  • High traffic periods create some difficulty
  • Other times trading volume is low
  • Sometimes issues with liqiudity of smaller coins


In the end, each one haves its own benefits and cons. For example, I also use native coin wallets like I mentioned before, Maiar for eGold because it provides me a higher benefit from their staking program and works with my investment strategy. My self, I used Binance to receive different payments in crypto and made some purchases but transferred the coins to other platforms. I use to stake the CRO coin and benefit from their Debit Card offers and finally, I use KuCoin to stake their native coin and participate in their different events and airdrops. It all depends on what works for you and your investment strategy. I recommend a diversified investment portfolio for security reasons, if something happens at least you don’t have all your eggs in the same place.

If you are new to this financial and crypto world, I recommend that you should first read my other article, 3 Types of Crypto Investments to get familiar with the different types of investment and strategies that you can try out and see what works for you.


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