Application Instructions

Hello and thank you for your interest in contributing to the Digital Earth Federation community.

This project is dedicated to self-development, crypto, blockchain, finance, investment, and so on. Have a look at the website and you can easily understand.

The project is divided into separate areas which are:

Education which includes: Crypto / Investing / Guiders

Reviews: Projects / Wallets / Exchanges / Games

Crypto World: Discover / Earn

We currently accept articles for the Education and Crypto World categories. We also accept Reviews but you have to apply to be eligible to write in that category.

To apply for the review category, email us at with the subject “Review Application” and include a motivation letter of minimum 300 words.

We approve around 4 articles per week, 16 per month. If an article is approved the publishing date is unknown.

Minimum article word count: 700

The articles must follow the guides and feelings of the rest of the website and content.

The writers will have access to a database of required articles, and transparent payments for ghost authors, pending and completed to track their records.

If the article is accepted, it will be published under the ownership of Digital Earth Federation.

To publish articles as a Ghost Author please go here.

To apply a Guest Author article follow the following steps:

  1. Sign up as an Author
  1. Write an article and add it to the right category 

(All articles go under review and can’t be publicly published by the writers. It haves to be approved first. Quality over quantity. If the article was accepted, you can not move it to another category.)

  1. Wait for the article to be reviewed. This can take up to 1 week. You will receive an email regarding if it was accepted or declined.
  1. If the article is approved, it will be published under your registered username.

For any further information, you can contact us at