If you’ve been scammed or think you’ve been scammed or someone you know has been scammed, let us know the details below. One of the ways that we gain knowledge regarding scams is through our site users, so please don’t leave out any important details.

You can also email us at scamreport@digitalearthfederation.org

If You Were Scammed 

Digital Earth Federation strives to be at the forefront of exposing the latest financial scams that are plaguing the internet through our Scam Alert page. The faster the scam is reported the better chances there are at preventing others from falling victim to the scam. 

Where to report a scam

Invariably, scams involve criminal activity. It would seem that the first step to take in fighting a scam is to report it to local law enforcement or government watchdogs. This is true, and for the most part an integral part of a scam victims responsibility in attempted to pursue the scammer and getting the money back. However in many cases where fraud is being committed on a large scale, these government bodies can be hindered by excessive red tape and all too often produce little results or take measures when the scammers have already managed to evade prosecution. For this reason, we do our best to expose scam companies.

Legal means and Class Action Lawsuits 

In many instances legal action can be taken but is only possible when multiple parties are involved. This may be due to a lack of funding required to secure an attorney or law office to take the case. Having more individuals fighting the same cause also provides more data regarding the variables of the scam. In the case of Forex broker scams and binary options scams, this has proven to be immensely valuable in helping to prosecute the individuals that executed the scam. When prosecution can be accomplished often many funds can be returned. 

Let Us Know

By reporting your scam, you increase the chances of being connected with other scam victims who are in the same boat and also helps prevent others from getting scammed.  

Recovery Scams

Scam victims are often the target of recovery scams. The scam victims situation makes them increasingly vulnerable to individuals promising to be able to recover their money. These “recovery experts” are often the individuals who scammed the person in the first place. There are very few legitimate methods to recover ones funds and the situations where they apply are even fewer.